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Photography Chaupal at Kumbh Photography Festival

It is said that a photograph well captured says a complete story, and here you have world largest and most awaited event happening where one can get thousands of such stories and can document. Thousands photographers from around the world comes to cover the fair; and capture portraits, snanam-holy dip, large gathering, candid shots, the holy Ganga. They are the actual live reporters and spread the message of fair around the world as they thought and cover.

A place to relax, discuss, speak, exchange of ideas, a proper information and support desk and go live on their social media platforms can spread from this photographer's zone. Photographers own place where we can exhibit live exhibition to the world to motivate and come, know about India culture, why, where, when, who, how's. We believe in one world, a photographer can say it in few shots. So this photography chaupal can do wonders through the digital way.

This Photography Chaupal would be a place which will act as Chaupal for Photographers, an exhibition center, what is happening in fair and where, how can one get into, whom to contact. All the where about of the photographers, from which country, state, and city they are coming and how they feel can guide us to improve. There is a perception about India and about fairs that the world likes, a little comfort can make it wow.