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Ayodhya Art Festival

India is an ancient civilization and will always remain a fascinating and captivating beauty to the world. With much diversity, one of the things that unite the country as a string of pearls is its colorful and interesting festivals, depicting the varied cultures, religions and regions forming an integral part of its canvas.

Ayodhya the holy city, situated in Uttar Pradesh has always been a site of culture and heritage. To augment its cultural image the city witnessed 'Ayodhya Art Festival, 2018' with the theme "Rama and his Life" with focus on seven different episodes of his life, including Bal-kand, Ayodhya-Kand, Aranya-Kand, Sundar-Kand, Lanka-Kand and Uttara-Kand.

These thematic components as scripts were showcased on the walls of Ayodhya in the form of Murals depicting different events of Ramayana.